Friday, January 11, 2008


Ian C Stewart "Torture" MP3

Last song on side two of 'motion'. Lyrics by Marian. The music is kind of oppressive. It's all tension and no release. I'd only been listening to Swans for a couple of months at this point. So it's like Godflesh crossed with Swans attempting something with the atmosphere of the Cure's 'Pornography' album. The militaristic snare drum program was kind of in the air at that point, there are a few early Godflesh tracks with this same vibe. Every layer of this song seems to be trying to blot out the one before it. Which, I guess kind of goes along with the lyrics. Which is just a happy coincidence, I wouldn't have planned something like that. The loop at the beginning is a sample of Andy Partridge singing "Leisure."

when you walked away
silently begging me to stay
no tears, nothing left to cry
all the unspoken words
went to whisper goodbye
brooding eyes
such torture to me

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