Friday, January 4, 2008


Ian C Stewart "Possibility" MP3

Track one, side one of 'euphoria suicide', which was my second attempt at making & releasing a full album. It was hot on the heels of my first album 'conspiring myths'.... 'euphoria suicide' was made a scant two months later, January to February 1992. I was already pretty focused on writing and recording with my 4-track, so it was no problem to keep the wheels moving. I remember moving my bed to the basement & using my bedroom as a studio for recording and painting. The finished album was another 60 minute cassette with handpainted covers. I forget if there were 20 copies, maybe 30 tops. It looks like I did a second pressing in August 1992 with a few different songs at the end of each side.

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Darrin said...

Ah... the second ICS tape i own. i think i have one of the hand painted ones. i always chuckle when I hear the line [i want to] 'flip a car and land on your fucking head'. Heh... i find that funny.

i always liked the line in this song 'everything i like about you i hate' simply because of it's simplicity of describing being in a relation whip with someone you both love and hate. they're terrible for you and you wish they'd just leave, but you'd hate to see them go. been there. done that.