Tuesday, January 15, 2008


The Uncultured "I Need an Aspirin" MP3
Recorded February 28, 1988

life gives me a headache
I need a major cure
I need an aspirin
something white and pure

I need an aspirin
to take away the pain
addicted to the fire
fire in my brain

too much knowledge
all I see is black
by knowing what I want
I make a knowledge stack

where do I live
what do I eat
what a waste
it hurts my feet

who cares who cares
no one at all
who cares who cares
no one cares
who cares who cares
no one I know
gives a shit about what I have to say
and I never want to hear your voice again!

Ray Lilly - vocals
Michael Million - guitar & vocals
Aaron Pauley - bass
Ian C Stewart - guitar
Mark Ward - drums


Darrin said...

heh heh ... punk.

Would this be during the Cod... Not God years? That had a very punkish feel to me as well.

::: said...

Yes, exactly.

"Cod, Not God" is actually the next song on the tape...... but I thought I'd go with "Aspirin" here since it's not as well known.

Whatever that means.