Saturday, January 5, 2008


Ian C Stewart "Surveillance" MP3

Eventually in 1992 I acquired enough bulk cassettes and had logged up enough hours with my 4-track to attempt something slightly larger in scope than I had ever attempted. Late summer I had the idea for a double cassette 'box set', two hours of new music. The first hour, 'insomnia,' would be two extended, improvised, dark ambient pieces.... 'surveillance' and 'abduction'. Layers of gritty Casio SK-5 samples mingled with heavily processed keyboard drones.

This is an excerpt from 'insomnia'.


reincheque said...

That "Surveillance" pic has a certain 4AD vibe going down.



Darrin said...

hey... if conpsiring myths was LWe 002 and euphoria suicide was LWe 004 and Insomnia was LWe 005,
was there a LWe 001 or LWe 003?

And what was the significance of the 'sub-numbers' for the releases? For example, the euphoria j-card pictured was LWe 004.2 and the insomnia j-card shows LWe 005.1

::: said...

yes, the photo is very 4ad! It was taken by a friend who was a much more skilled photographer than myself!

I had an outstanding offer at the time asking for um photographs of anything/nothing, like unusable photos, blurry, out of focus, arty, whatever. I might've been plotting a follow-up to 'the january project', my first zine which was 'bad photography & teen angst poetry'.

'the january project' was LWe001, it came out in January 1992 in a limited edition of 20 copies! Most went to the contributors. I don't think I even kept one for myself.

LWe003 was 'obscene collection', my first xtc tribute tape.

The sub numbers were I think to differentiate between the two editions of 'euphoria suicide'.

I should make a Lonely Whip emissions discography, shouldn't I.