Friday, October 5, 2007


Ian C Stewart "Welcome to my Stronghold" MP3

This drum machine/guitar/bass instrumental is the last track on my 2003 album Workweak. I almost called it a 2003 release but I don't know that it was ever 'released' in the sense of being burned onto CDs and mailed around the world as might be expected.

The drum machine is programmed to a mid period Terry Chambers (XTC) vibe. I think I did the guitar first and then tried to follow the riffs on ye olde fretless (ferrrrrrrrtless) bass. It actually comes together pretty well, all things considered. I mean, considering I'm not that big of a fan of The Police or whatever this thing sounds like. The delayed guitar effect is nice here, the whole thing is kind of hollowed out since there are no keyboards or rhythm guitars or um Chapman Sticks.

I have vague recollections of recording this thing in the basement of the condo. It was a lovely spacious finished basement and for once I had all my recording stuff out and plugged in and had more than enough room for everything. All of the guitars, which, I still had a bunch of guitars then, they were all out of their cases at the same time. And I could still stretch out on the floor and watch KISS bootlegs on the tiny TV I had down there. Nice space, nice vibe. This was I guess toward the end of me using all of my old stuff like the Dr Rhythm drum machine (circa 1991) and the Tascam 8-track (circa 1993) all the time. I sold almost everything right after that & got new stuff & sold that & got newer stuff & sold that & got old stuff that's functional but basically worthless, hence it has not been sold.

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Darrin said...

yeah... nice little guitar track. seems like something that would have spoken word over it. the delay helps fill out the space for sure.