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STAR*PILLOW "Gardening" MP3
STAR*PILLOW "Floating Candles" MP3

Well, speaking of Star*Pillow, here's the original, as-it-was-intended first Star*Pillow cassingle! "Gardening" / "Floating Candles"

In the end I stretched the release out to 30 minutes and filled the rest of the tape with a bunch of goofy filler which seemed appropriate at the time. But in retrospect it made the whole tape seem um a lot crappier & less focused than it would've been with just two songs. Brevity always being one of the tenets of Star*Pillow.

I think I actually made a Samarkand EP called Holiday that included most of the filler tracks that wound up on the Star*Pillow That's a Funny Name for a Lobster! EP, notably my 5+ minute casio dirge keyboard version of Motorhead's "Ace of Spades".

Typical use of Samarkand as a sounding board for a new genre before I spun it off into a new project of its own. Which I later did with FZZY PMPR and which I was prepared to do with my heavy metal stuff when I recorded the Samarkand 'metal' album, F@#king Huge.

One of the points of the Star*Pillow songs was that the guitars were tuned to the Robert Fripp new standard tuning, or as much of it as my Fender Jaguar could accomodate. I think I had to tune the top two strings to the same note because I kept breaking the high E trying to tune it up farther than it could go.

So, it was... Fripp tuning on the guitars. Wacky/funny/sexist/out of character lyrics. Um, cheesy breezy uptempo (relatively speaking) wimpy alternative rock pop songs. These two songs were originally written on acoustic guitar and recorded for the Bullsh!t cassette but given the full band treatment here.

The overriding sexism and immaturity in the lyrics is largely due to the fact that I was in my early 20s, working the night shift at theee copy place with a bunch of other guys in their early 20s who had different backgrounds to mine. After being bullied by them for a few months eventually we all made really good work friends. To the extent that I still carried around their sexist jockist immature sense of humor for a long time afterward!

I've said before that I've had very few unqualified successes as a maker of sound-things. These two Star*Pillow songs come as close as anything.. apart from a few obvious vocal flubs.

You know it's really not funny
when your d@@k is as big as mine
the rest of the world seems small and limp by comparison
what can I say

You know it's not even funny
when your n@#s are as big as mine
people want to get their picture taken with them
especially during brain surgery

rocket science
trigga trigonometery
doing your taxes

and I never liked you

I'd like (to find) a woman
who's really fine
wears old glasses
wears black dresses

laughs a lot
doesn't bite her nails
feels everything
but doesn't fly off the rails

she's a writer
and she could kick my ass
has a nice body
and can type really fast

she's a writer
or an artiste
and she's better than me
she knows about philosophy

if I can't have her then I'll just go without

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reincheque said...

The "thing in London" is the Cenotaph in Whitehall, which commemorates the war dead. It would be considered seriously uncool to re-enact the cover of "Who's Next" against it...:-)