Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Irreligion "Forever Tonight"

Gettin' our ghoul on a little early for Halloween. "Forever Tonight" was recorded for the second Irreligion release, Cadaver Holiday. I wrote the riffs and the lyrics separately. I supplied Ray with the lyrics and he came up with the vocal melodies. Michael did all the recording and engineering. I think we did this in 2000? Michael did the awesome cover art.

My lyrics are the usual meaningless imagist fiend nonsense. I think the title goes as far back as my book 'instinct', which was from 1995. I believe it said 'her sister told her parents she was going to sleep forever tonight'.

Obviously now I can see the title is heavily inspired by (ie stolen from) the Ride EP, Today Forever. Oh well.

Irreligion is perhaps the greatest band that never was. Oh well. Perhaps one day we'll shock the world and find that elusive permanent fourth member and we'll be able to play shows. Or not. That would be fine too, I guess.


Darrin said...

1) did we try playing this tune when dc almost went goth. it sounds vaguely familiar.

2) what is the deal with the troll music pic? was smackrel supposed to be playing for kids, or did that just kinda happen.

3) did y'all just go outside with your guitars and run around with them or what. i guess being a drummer i can't connect with being able to just wander around with my instrument of choice.

4) name the chicks in the photoz.

that is all.

::: said...

1. don't think so, the riffs had already been allocated by then. Although most of my 'goth' stuff (which deserves to be in quotation marks because I've never worn black eyeliner) does sound very similar.

2. it was an outdoor music thing as I recall. I think the grown ups were sitting farther back & all the kids were down front?

3. I got my picture taken all the time. Occasionally I'd grab a guitar and pose like a douche. It was just me out in the back yard with all the guitars in the house.

4. It wasn't my room so I have no idea who the chickz be. Sorry. I know you're dying to find out.