Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Ian C Stewart "Unknown Continua Leftover" MP3

Here's a cool find from the second homeless work cassette in the pile. Looks like it's just most of side two of the 1998 Samarkand cassette Continua.

Continua was my first public dabblings in sampling and looping and cutting and pasting. It's a mess of XTC, Coolio, Bill Laswell and Pantera samples. I thought it sounded like futuristic pop music. I did the whole thing on Cool Edit still, most likely on the fly. Not saving a single thing along the way to the hard drive.

This track is ghouly bass playing by me along with a popular drum & bass loop blasting away behind me. That's drum & bass the genre, not just a raw rhythm section.

I don't think this piece was ever released. I totally forgot about it until just now. Strange.

It lives at the end of side one of the work tape & gets cut off at the end. Was this thing just filler? I don't know! It does rock like a you-know-what, though.


Darrin said...

interesting stuff.

is DnB (not DMB - Dave Matthews Band) the kinda stuff kids listen to when tripping on ecstasy and chewing on their big pacifiers?

jeff looks evil in that XQJDLFKJOEIR! photo.

wasn't there some kind of killer on one of the KISS 8-track albums? maybe i'm thinking of something else.

i wish i still had my Kiss Originals on 8-track. sadly, they both died and probably met the end of a baseball bat. broken 8-tracks in my house tended to meet their doom this way. if you got a good hit, it was sweet to watch the spindle fly away with a trail of tape flying behind it. poor ol 8T didn't have a chance against an aluminum bat.

Darrin said...

filler, not killer. though i guess the filler might have been killer. anyhoo....