Friday, October 19, 2007


Star*Pillow "Gardening" MP3
Star*Pillow "Floating Candles" MP3

Today's work tape is kind of an album that never was......... Star*Pillow BVLLSH!T!!.

The only Star*Pillow release was an EP called That's a Funny Name for a Lobster and it did share a few of these songs. But I think this forgotten sequence would've worked just as well, maybe more so. The combination of the 'wacky lo-fi acoustic suicide songs' that comprised an entire tape, (also called BVLLSH!T!!, not by coincidence) with the guitar-bass-drums songs is perhaps more successful here.

Hmm, not that anyone will ever hear any of this stuff anyway.

& I still want to have a band that sounds like Star*Pillow.

I want a woman
who's really fine
wears old glasses
wears black dresses

laughs a lot
doesn't bite her nails
feels everything
but doesn't fly off the rails

she's a writer
and she could kick my ass
has a nice body
and can type really fast

she's a writer
or an artiste
she's smarter than me
she knows about philosophy

If I can't have her
I'll just go without

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