Friday, October 26, 2007


Ian C Stewart "Slappy Uptempo Dub Pop Rock" MP3

Slappy Uptempo Dub Pop Rock is what it is. A mid 1990s experiment in reverb and digital delay. If the tempo had been halved and the guitar lost in favor of echoey horn parps, this still wouldn't pass for Dub.

This work tape consists primarily of the Casio + bass guitar smooth jams that became the Samarkand album Pitch Wheel. The mixes on this tape might be a little different but the results are the same.

There are a few guitar-driven pieces on this tape as well, of which this is one. It sounds like there's two bass guitar tracks. Echoed-out drum machine. Super reverby guitar times two. It must've been recorded at the end of the master tape because it cuts off suddenly. Maybe all of my instrumentals should implode at the two minute mark.

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Darrin said...

This one is nice and smooth. I dig it, esp the slappy part and esp esp the part where it sounds like you are doing chords on the bass.

Boom waaoo Boom waaooo.