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fzzy recollections

FZZY PMPR came about after I bought a used desktop PC that was curated by ECC's Mark Gunderson. 

 He loaded it up with the entire internet circa 1996 with every game, oddity and software package ever, along with some ECC ephemera. I eventually started experimenting with audio editing programs like Cool Edit and the like, trying to do "cut ups" of my own, which were just failed sound experiments really. Eventually I crafted an album of sample-based material, which was the Samarkand album "Continua". Eventually the megalomania took focus and a la Evolution Control Committee, Samarkand became FZZY PMPR which had as its members, what, DJ Arse and others, I think?

Megalomania gave way to regular mania and today it's not even a memory! That's the way Huntington's Disease works, I start off with this bossy, overpowering and seductive uhh drive to just point out every single thing in the universe which gradually cools until it's like it never even happened & I'm just this regular maniac instead of a megalo one. Uhh. Right.

Sound quality and posterity were not our strong suits.. none of the FZZY "masters" are available at the moment. The last time I tried to upload to Bandcamp it didn't accept the files, so for now...............................

They're DEEP in storage, put it that way. A lot of files might still reside on the old PCs which are in storage...

and a friend's sample remix project provided many early tools and samples, that was keith hanlon's zapruder red project, which was a CD loaded with software and samples galore...... 

I borrowed that working method for the FZZY PMPR "crzytrn" Remix album.

During that time I also did some remixes and cover versions, including "Bump Clap" for Daniel's album........ I haven't heard it in a long time but I think the drum beat.. I can't recall off hand. It might've been from MJB's drumming, maybe.

There was another album, called "cntry xms" which featured some samples & loops from the cheesiest music software I ever heard, reassembled in the wrong order and I think it's some people's favorite now! Hah!

FZZY will be back eventually, I mean it's just a matter of time, literally me sitting down with the software. Who knows, it might come back mashed up itself with another of my (long-dormant) projects.


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SAMARKAND - 1998 - CONTINUA - Cassette

cassette only
bizarre depiction 1998

this was one of the last tape-only Bizarre Depiction releases. I got my first CD burner in 1999.

"Continua" is Samarkand in name only, it was the precursor to Fzzy Pmpr. All of which were aka me, Ian C Stewart. Hi there.

Even though it was constructed on a computer, none of the sound files were saved. Digital/Analog/Digital.

I sampled every CD, record, tape and video I could think of and made something new out of all of the drum breaks, synth leads and between-song chatter from concert videos. And movies.

It was all slapped together with no grand scheme, no thoughts beyond something seeming funny or not. It probably took a couple of months to finish the whole thing. Which is why I joked in the liner notes about it being RECORDED LIVE. I don't think so.


Except for the song "Continua" which was in fact a leftover from the Pitch Wheel sessions. It was recorded with drum machine, …


Ian C Stewart "Welcome to my Stronghold" MP3

This drum machine/guitar/bass instrumental is the last track on my 2003 album Workweak. I almost called it a 2003 release but I don't know that it was ever 'released' in the sense of being burned onto CDs and mailed around the world as might be expected.

The drum machine is programmed to a mid period Terry Chambers (XTC) vibe. I think I did the guitar first and then tried to follow the riffs on ye olde fretless (ferrrrrrrrtless) bass. It actually comes together pretty well, all things considered. I mean, considering I'm not that big of a fan of The Police or whatever this thing sounds like. The delayed guitar effect is nice here, the whole thing is kind of hollowed out since there are no keyboards or rhythm guitars or um Chapman Sticks.

I have vague recollections of recording this thing in the basement of the condo. It was a lovely spacious finished basement and for once I had all my recording stuff out and plugged in…