Monday, January 12, 2009


IAN C STEWART "Heavenly Bodies Rip" MP3

here's a ghouly synth doomer 80s style just in time for the gloomy weather, which is always conducive to cape-wearing.

once upon a time, the members of the australian band dead can dance emigrated to london. at some point, half the band bailed & formed a new group called heavenly bodies, who also featured vocalista conquista caroline seaman on the mic. she was in this mortal coil & also, betterly, sang on a sweet track by 808 state on their album 'gorgeous'. but i digress.

my song began with the 80s plate reverb in my portastudio, followed closely by the sequenced drum beat. which is the cornerstone of many of the dancier doomier songs of the mid 80s. it was recorded sunday, january 11, 2009. the end. like it or don't.

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