Saturday, March 8, 2008

AWAKE TOO LONG from 'Stick Hack'

Ian C Stewart "Awake Too Long" MP3

From the March 2002 album Stick Hack, which was a collection of instrumentals from my Chapman Stick phase. Two years of trying to figure out how to incorporate the handcrafted virtuoso instrument into existing pieces & new ones as well.

Playing the Stick onstage with a loud, abrasive, hilarious heavy metal band whilst wearing a cape, sunglasses & an impromptu Mr. T haircut proved very difficult. Sweating like crazy into the pickups & across that vast fretboard was confusing on many levels. But also kind of fun. And I'm glad I had my Chapman Stick phase.

Without it I would've always wondered................

Back in 2002 I slapped together a bunch of instrumentals for a last minute album in the waning days of the original em pee three dot com site. Quickie cover art & a wacky title were the order of the day. Hence Stick Hack, which went out of print so quickly that I'm not even sure if I have a copy myself.

"Awake Too Long" features drum machine & distorted Chapman Stick.. this is as close as I ever came to sounding like K1ng Cr1ms0n.

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Walter said...

wow, it must have been like King Buckethead from the description. :D

seriously, though, i like it! how can i get more of it? and apparently there's no way to download this track, eh?